Tom Martin, author of The Invisible Sale, will teach you how to Sell Greatly.

A 25-year veteran of the advertising business, Tom will provide you with a proven relationship based sales approach that has successfully created leads and clients for scores of agencies around the world by leveraging the oldest sales tool in the world – genuine conversations that prospects welcome vs ignore.

If your agency is struggling to consistently find new clients, take 30 minutes and learn how Tom and his agency, Converse Digital, has consistently grown for over a decade, without participating in a single new business pitch.

What you'll learn:

- What are the 5 P's of Selling Greatly

- Why content sells better than people

- How to deliver better virtual sales calls

- Why clients say no, but don't mean it

Who should watch this webinar

If you own your agency, serve as the director of business development or you are directly responsible for an advertising, PR or a digital agency's business development, then this webinar is created specifically for you.